The weather here has been absolutely awful!  Snow, sleet, freezing rain, below freezing temps, just makes you want to curl up under a blanket, or multiple blankets, and watch some good reality television while drinking hot cocoa.  Believe me I am not against any of these things, but working out and making sure I get my Shakeology in is always my first priority for the day, so before I feel ok about lounging around the house doing nothing, I need to get my InsanityMax:30 workout in and then drink my shakeo!  photo 1 (1) copy 3

I normally go for chocolate or vanilla shakeo because those are my favorites but with the weather being the way it is lately I decided I needed something to lift my spirits as well as give my nutrition a boost.  I landed on strawberry Shakeo and added some frozen mango chunks, a few strawberries, banana extract, honey, vanilla, water, spinach to get some of my veggies out of the way, and topped it off with a few ice cubes.  Then I blended it all up and poured it in my festive tiki glass!
photo 2 copy 3Let’s be honest, drinking anything out of a tiki glass just makes it that much more fun and then I can pretend I’m laying on a nice
warm sunny beach instead of on
my couch looking at all the
snow and ice outside! HA!
photo 4

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