So as you know I am currently doing Insanity Max:30.  For those of you who do not know what this program is or what it’s about, let me explain.  So each workout is 30 minutes long and each day is a different style, either cardio focused or strength focused.  with this program is a calendar where you write down the time at which you “maxed out” which means the time you had to stop, take a break, catch your breath, or the point at which your body just gave up.  My highest time was during month 1 and it was somewhere around 22 minutes! I thought I could never get any higher than that, it was just physically impossible.  My numbers in month two were not nearly as good as they were in month one. In fact my highest number for month two was somewhere around 12-14 min.

Well, for the first time EVER, I did not max out!  I made it through the entire workout without stopping, without taking a break (other than what I am given by Shaun T) and my body did not give out on me!  I could not believe it. In the very beginning of the workout I told myself, “you are going to push through this entire workout, and you are not going to quit!”  I just kept telling myself that the whole time, and about half way through I thought, “you made it this far, don’t stop now.”  I kept going, kept pushing and modified when I had to so I would not stop.  I looked at the timer at the bottom of the screen and finally saw the clock hit 29:00.  It was glorious!! For the first time during these workouts I thought, “you did it! You have one min left just keep going!”  Usually at this point I al laying on my yoga mat gasping for air, or in the fetal position crying like a baby because it was so hard lol.  Not this time.

11002488_406665389507474_6751490816109747942_nThis time I was squatting, hands out and kicking butt at the last move, “ab attack”.  Finally I heard Shaun T yell out, “MAX OUUUUT!”  and I collapsed to the floor smiling as big as I could breathing my hardest, and feeling the most satisfied I have felt after a workout routine!  This program has pushed me in so many ways and I am sooo glad I decided to purchase this program and stick with it the way I have!

Tonight, I completed Max Out Power and once again finished all the way through without stopping. I modified a lot, and was going really slow at some points, but I never gave up!  If there’s one thing I gained from this program, it’s to NEVER GIVE UP!  Not in a workout, not on a dream or goal, and not in life!  Keep going, keep pushing and don’t let anything hold you back!

One thought on “MAX OUUUUUT!!

  1. Janet

    Way to go Kerry that is something to b proud of n exciting to have accomplished the goals u set for urself always remember u can do anything u put ur mind to nothing comes easy r free u gotta do the work!!! Way to go kiddo!!!


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