Sun. Sand. Sea.

Three of my most favorite things…sun, sand and sea.  There’s nothing I love more than being on a nice hot beach soaking up some rays!  In case you didn’t already know, I just got back from my vacation in Florida a week ago, and I miss it already.  I hate the cold weather, and by cold I mean anything requiring me to wear even a light jacket lol.

I went to sunny Florida with the boy and his parents.  It was actually part of our Christmas present, which was great!  I had such a blast the entire week with jet skiing, kayaking, and fan boat tours, there was always something to do.  Our first couple of days there we spent laying out on the beach working on our tan for family pictures at the end of the trip.  This is my favorite part because there is no time when your relaxing on the beach and the days just run together.  I honestly don’t think I could ever get sick of just laying on the beach.  There’s so much to see, whether it’s people watching (you know you do this too!) seeing dolphins jump out of the water, people buzzing by on boats or jet skis, or just watching the little birds run all over the sand trying to escape the crashing waves.  The sounds are also amazing! I love having a radio, or some kind of music playing in the background.  And then you have your typical ocean sounds, waves, birds, laughter, I just can’t get enough.

For our first adventure we decided to take a fan boat tour in the swamps and see some gators…….and gators we did see!  There was one part of the tour where we went into this little cove and saw a whole group baby gators.  I’m not going to lie, they were soooo cute!  Our guide was calling them so they would come closer for us to see, but it was no use they knew better ;).  I didn’t even know they made calls to each other, or let alone noises at all!!

Adam and I went kayaking one day and that was so much fun….exhausting, but fun!  At one point I was complaining about how tired I was and that my arms were killing me when no joke a dolphin came up for air no more than 4 feet away from our kayak!  I was like, “Never mind, I’m not tired I don’t want to go back!”  We paddled around for another 10-15 min and watched as the dolphin swam around us.

My second favorite part was when we went jet skiing.  I was really nervous the entire time I was on one and we were going really fast, but I did not want to fly off that jet ski having to wait for Adam to realize I had fallen off and then wait for him to come back and get me lol.  You don’t know what might be in the water!  And even though dolphins may seem cute and friendly I do not want to be in the water with them.  We did find a small family of dolphins and they even had a baby with them!  It was so cool to see them swim under you and come up for air only a couple of feet from your jet ski.  The baby dolphin would even splash his tail and play around….sooo cute!! I wish I could have taken pictures!

All in all it was a fantastic vacation and I felt so lucky and blessed to be giving that opportunity to go.   Check out some of the pictures from my vacation below!


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