3 Days Later…

As you may have seen on my Facebook Page, I started the 3 Day Refresh on Saturday, March 21 and ended Monday, March 23.  Why did I do this 3 Day Refresh you ask?

Well, let me tell you! I went on an amazing vacation to Florida 2 weeks ago where I let myself eat and drink whatever I wanted. I should, it was a vacation! If you can’t enjoy yourself on a vacation then there’s no hope for you ;). While on vacation I gained six pounds! That’s right SIX pounds! I am almost ashamed to even admit that because I just spent the previous two months working my butt off losing all of that weight. But I am happy to say that in just three short days I was able to lose all six of those pesky pounds! If you’re coming back from a vacation or a work trip, the 3 Day Refresh is the perfect way to get yourself back on track with eating right. Here is the breakdown of each day.
Day 1: I started my morning off with the healthiest meal of the day…Shakeology! I love Shakeology! It’s so delicious and so good for you, yum! I added one serving of fruit as allotted, cinnamon and some pure vanilla extract. This always fills me up and keeps me full so I wasn’t even hungry until lunchtime, at which time I had a veggie serving and a healthy fat serving and the vanilla refresh shake, also delicious! At this point I was pretty full and actually almost forgot to eat my snack, and was still almost too full to eat the entire snack, but somehow I managed to eat it all lol. I had my tea and then followed it with a dinner recipe, which was delicious!

Day 2: I still wasn’t really hungry or feeling deprived at all. I was also very busy this weekend so I didn’t have much time to even think about food, which I think helped me to stay on track and not be tempted by junk laying around the house. I still felt good after lunch and even did a little more intense workout than the day before. I made sure to stay on track with eating and drinking the shakes as it says to in the book and follow the time line for the day very closely. Everything is spaced out nicely, so just when you start to think about eating something it’s time for a shake or tea, or a snack.

Day 3: This was my last and final day. I thought that since I had made it through the first two rather easily that this one would for sure be a breeze to get through. I was wrong. It wasn’t awful by any means, but being at work where people go out and bring back food for lunch and are snacking or drinking things you can’t have obviously only makes you want it more! So all day I thought about everything my co-workers were eating and enjoying that I was not. I got home from work and wanted to pig out on everything in the house, but then reminded myself that I had made it this far and did really well. Not to mention at this point I had already lost five pounds! Did I really want to throw it all away? No not at all! I didn’t work this hard to let my cravings or food control me! So I made my last dinner recipe and shake and called it a night.

All in all I really did enjoy the 3 Day Refresh and the results I got from it! I worked hard for the past two months so I am glad there is something out there to help get me back to that place after a week of bad eating. Not to mention something that is healthy and doesn’t crash your body.

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