Dreams Don’t Work Unless YOU Do!

Last night for me was like Christmas Eve for a kid.  I had a conversation with my up-line coach and discussed my dreams and goals and what I want to accomplish for my business in the next 2 months. I was so excited and anxious to get started on them that I could barely get any sleep last night.  Originally I wrote down that very same goal as an “end of the year” one, but she pushed me to reach it in just two months.  TWO MONTHS! But you know what they always say…”If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”

Well needless to say, I am scared shitless!  I honestly don’t know if I can even accomplish these goals I wrote down.  I am afraid I won’t get there and that I will fail.  It’s everyone’s biggest fear isn’t it?  Failure?  No one sets out to fail, no one looks positively upon failure, and no one sees failure as “a good thing”.  But why not?  If you failed doesn’t that mean you at least tried?  People who are afraid of failure sometimes don’t even do that.  They never give it their all or do their best.  So if I fail, if I don’t reach my goal or achieve what I set out to do in the timeframe I give myself, I will consider that a success.  Why? Because you either win or you learn, but never lose.  Never consider “a failure” a setback or a loss, consider it a lesson. Learn from your mistakes, pick up the pieces and keep moving forward.  If everyone gave up after they failed we would have nothing in this world.  No computers, no phones, no cars with fancy gadgets in them.  So why should you give up?  Why should I?  No one is going to work harder for you than you! No one is going to help you achieve your dreams and goals except for you!

So as I laid in bed last night I went over everything I need to do to achieve my goals.  I made a list, planned out my steps and set my alarm.  So here I am at 5:30 a.m. working hard at achieving my goals. Setting out to do something I never dreamed I could do and I am making it happen.  ‘Cause you know what they say…….49afa447028e188e47a34ee98927281e

3 thoughts on “Dreams Don’t Work Unless YOU Do!

  1. Janet

    That’s awesome Kerry I hope u
    Accomplish ur dreams u show a lot
    Of hard work n dedication there are a lot of
    Quotes that fit for u n wat u are doing
    I just can’t pick a good one right now
    All I have to say is I’m very proud of
    U n wat u r doing I hope u reach ur goals
    But even more I hope u exceed them!!!
    U go for it woman u can do this just stay
    Positive n learn from ur mistakes n downfalls
    N remember u have great people working
    With u. A co-worker once told me when I
    Started golfing to golf with people better than
    Me than I would get better because I’m trying
    Harder to be like the better golfers. I feel this
    Can be used by u also hang with the productive people not with the negative n u
    Will accomplish ur dreams n goals


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