1 Week Down!

So I’m officially done with week one of the Ultimate Reset and I’m down 6lbs! 6lbs in 7 days! I seriously can’t believe it! I am loving the way I look and feel. The meals are amazing, I don’t feel hungry at all and I have more energy than ever! I’m not supposed to workout while doing the Reset but I just have so much energy that I actually want to workout to burn some of the energy off! 12471670_526004977573514_8589939228279488199_o
Before doing this program I thought I could only get results by working out, lifting weights or doing cardio. But the truth is, you can get amazing results from your diet alone! It’s amazing how when your fuel your body with proper nutrition you start to see amazing results and start to feel amazing as well! 12486041_525797750927570_6795465482573033575_o
Looking at these pics I can totally tell a difference in my face, stomach and booty!! There are days when I feel like my body isn’t changing at all or fast enough. But this is a journey and a process. So I need to remember to enjoy it and know that if I follow the program correctly, the results will follow. If you want to know more about the reset message me at kerrylynnfitness@gmail.com 12440553_525365734304105_3314662658353383878_o

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