Goals for 2016

In the start of a new year, we all decide to set certain goals, make resolutions and decide to become better than we were the year before.  So below I am sharing with you my goals and aspirations for 2016.

Now, it’s kind of scary for me to share these goals with you.  Why? Because that means I am going to be held accountable all year for achieving them.  Which is exactly what I want.  I want to share my goals so I have some form of accountability.  I want to reach these goals this year and I know the only way I will reach them is by sharing them with others and talking about them constantly.  Not only just talking about them, but putting them into action, or rather creating a plan of action to make these dreams/goals a reality.

So take a look at my vision board below and you will see all kinds of different goals I have set for myself.  Some are personal health and fitness goals, others are business or financial related goals, and some are just goals to “treat myself”.  But now that I have my goals, I need to make a plan of action.  You see right now these are merely dreams, but if you put a deadline to these dreams, they become a goal.  So today I am assigning deadlines for each of these dreams/goals and making a plan to help me reach them.

So now I want to know, what are your dreams/goals for 2016?  Comment below and share them with me! 2016 VisionBoard-01.png

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