Help! I’m Gaining on the Ultimate Reset!

So it’s been a few days since I’ve talked to you about how I am doing on the Ultimate Reset.  In case you are just tuning in and this is the first of my blogs you are reading, the Ultimate Reset is a Beachbody program designed to help you clean out your internal system to make you healthier and restore your body to it’s optimal health.  So I am on day 14, the last day of the second week and I want to share with you all that i have gained through doing this Reset.  Yeah that’s right I have gained…..a lot!  12485950_528251800682165_3437437792576524093_o

I’ve shared with you how much I’ve lost while doing this challenge (6lbs!) but I haven’t really shared what I have gained.  So let me share that with you here. In the past 2 weeks I have been sleeping a whole lot better!! I used to be that person that could never fall asleep, I would wake up 5-6 times throughout the night and could never go back to sleep.  Now I fall asleep almost immediately when my head hits the pillow.  I don’t wake up as often (usually just to go to the bathroom) and then I fall right back to sleep.  Before the Reset, I could not wake up in the morning.  I could not get out of bed to save my life! I still felt exhausted and like I got no rest while I slept.  Now, just 2 weeks, I wake up feeling like I have the most energy ever!  I don’t eve fall back asleep when the alarm goes off.  In fact, I can’t go back to sleep. I’m up and ready to go!

12401789_526809240826421_1359060485296605715_oThroughout the day, I have so much energy I feel the need to workout just so I can burn some of it off.  My mood is better, I have no more headaches, no sluggishness, and no afternoon crash!  Now I am not saying this is a 21 day thing you can do and be set for the rest of your life.  Because if you want to keep feeling this great, you have to keep up with the healthy eating habits and working out.  This is not a diet, this is part of a lifestyle change.  I have been so focused on the scale during the first week because that’s where I was seeing the most change.  That and my physical transformation.  I was so focused on the scale, I missed the emotional and mental transformation I was experiencing.  12440363_526599920847353_6651268537334587159_o

So now I am staying off the scale for a while and focusing on what I am gaining in this experience, instead of only what I am losing.  I hope this helps others going through a physical transformation to see that there’s more to gain than just the number on the scale.

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