4lbs in 4 Days!

So as you may know I am currently doing the Ultimate Reset from Beachbody, which is a 21 day detox/cleanse that rids your body of toxins and junk that you have been filling it with for years.  I have officially completed 4 days of the Reset and today I decided to weigh-in just to keep track of my progress and keep me motivated to keep going.  12509676_525035331003812_5318606088163383869_nSo far I have lost, (drumroll please!)……4lbs!!  I have been hovering around the same number on that stupid scale for months now, and finally I am seeing a lower number on it and I couldn’t be happier!  I know it isn’t all about the number and it’s really not, but dang it feels great to finally get past the point I have been stuck at for months!  Not only have I lost some unwanted weight, but I also have sooo much energy and feel incredibly focused!

If you are wanting to focus on your nutrition, lose the bloat, and some unwanted pounds while gaining an immense amount of energy, contact me to get more information and to get started today!  As a Beachbody Coach, I love helping people on their own health and fitness journey and I would love to be able to help you! Just head over to my Contact Me page or shoot me an e-mail to get more info today!  12471718_524452761062069_6999099097251921771_o

Ultimate Reset Day 2 & 3

So in case you didn’t know I started this thing called the Ultimate Rest.  It’s a 21 day cleanse from Beachbody that helps you rid your body of toxins and fills it with whole, clean foods.  I’ve had some amazing food so far (well I’ve mostly been eating the same things, but that’s because it’s so yummy I just want to keep eating it) and I am feeling really good.  Here’s a recap of days 2 & 3 on the Reset! 12469524_523735927800419_8364640779658855660_o

Day 2:  I felt really great and even felt the need to do a small workout so I did the 10 min ab video from the 21 Day Fix Extreme.  It’s recommended that you do not workout on this program since your body is working so hard to get rid of the toxins, but I felt ok and decided to try a 10 min workout.  I felt great afterward, made my lunch and that’s when I started to feel a little tired so I decided to take a quick 30 min nap.  Later that evening I had a crazy headache (probably from my body detoxing) so I drank some green tea, took some ibuprofen and went to bed.  This morning I actually felt really good.  So it’s on to day 3!12401675_524107217763290_1461068987362517218_o

Day 3: So today is day 3 and I woke up feeling really well rested.  The weeks before this Reset I have not slept well at all. I would wake up several times a night, toss and turn constantly and wake up not being able to go back to sleep.  Last night I slept great, did not wake up as often as usual and slept in until 8:45 a.m. I usually wake up at 7 a.m. or earlier (when I don’t set an alarm) but not today.  Now it could have been because I had a headache and so I was more tired, or maybe my body is exhausted from detoxing itself, but I was happy with the extra sleep!  I’m also excited to try some new recipes today and to possibly get in another great workout!

Ultimate Reset Veggie Stir Fry

I am absolutely in love with this veggie stir fry recipe from the Ultimate Reset!  I never thought I would love veggie so much!  I needed to also add quinoa for this meal, so I first made about 1 cup of cooked quinoa and then added the veggie stir fry on top, mix together and you have the most delicious meal ever!  Try it out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

And if you’re ready for more delicious, yet healthy detoxing recipes, make sure to e-mail me about the Ultimate Reset and how you can get started on your health and fitness journey today!

Veggie Stir Fry-01

Ultimate Reset: Day 1

So today I start my journey with the Ultimate Reset.  I am so excited for the results I know I am going to get with this program, but I am also very nervous.  I tried to complete this back in Oct. of 2015 and I only lasted for 3 days.  This program is not for babies, or newbies. It’s extremely intense, mentally.  It requires mental strength, preparedness and determination.  You have to prep most of your meals ahead of time and make sure you have your eating schedule prepared.  IMG_6195

Today is day 1 for me and so far so good.  Although I am only a few hours into this challenge, I feel ok so far and an not hungry.  I actually feel weird eating so much food and keep thinking, “there is no way I will lose weight by eating everything I am eating.”  But I have faith in this program and am determined to keep going. I know that if I can make it through the first week and start seeing results, it will be enough to keep me motivated to keep going.

I plan to keep track of my daily progress, struggles and successes here on my blog.  So make sure to check back with me for progress pics, food pics and recipes from the Ultimate Reset!  I can’t wait to share my journey with all of you and to show you my progress!


Getting Back on the Wagon

Have you ever heard the expression, “Falling off the wagon”?  Of course you have!  It happens to all of us no matter what it’s with or for.  People fall off the wagon when they are trying to lose weight, eat right, get healthy, read more, walk more…..I think you get the point.  But the fact is, I fell off the wagon, hard!  I fell off so hard I broke both legs and couldn’t even get up to run and catch up the the wagon to get back on.  Now that’s falling off.

I’m the type of person who needs to fail in order to realize how bad or how far off track I really am.  And it took me stepping on the scale to get to that point.  Today I stepped on that scale and wanted to cry.  Seriously, why is it so mean to us all the time?! I know I have been eating very poorly, but I thought since I was still working out that I would at least stay the same…WRONG!  This just goes to show you how important your diet and nutrition really are and how all those little cheats really add up.

So I went to the grocery store, bought all the veggies and a few fruits I could fit in a basket and went to work.  So for the next 6 days, until I go to Chicago for a wedding I will be “cleansing”.  Since I did the 3 Day Refresh back in March, I always go back to a diet I came up with very similar to that to help me get on track when I start to get a little sidetracked.

Today is Day 1 and so far so good!  I just hope I lose this water weight so I don’t feel so bloated for the wedding I am going to next weekend.  Fingers crossed.  Stay tuned for updates and to see how I do in the next 6 days!! Below I added pictures of me now and from after I finished Insanity Max 30.  You can see I’ve put back on a little weight so it’s time to get serious again and get at it! IMG_4101 IMG_4102

Dreams Don’t Work Unless YOU Do!

Last night for me was like Christmas Eve for a kid.  I had a conversation with my up-line coach and discussed my dreams and goals and what I want to accomplish for my business in the next 2 months. I was so excited and anxious to get started on them that I could barely get any sleep last night.  Originally I wrote down that very same goal as an “end of the year” one, but she pushed me to reach it in just two months.  TWO MONTHS! But you know what they always say…”If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”

Well needless to say, I am scared shitless!  I honestly don’t know if I can even accomplish these goals I wrote down.  I am afraid I won’t get there and that I will fail.  It’s everyone’s biggest fear isn’t it?  Failure?  No one sets out to fail, no one looks positively upon failure, and no one sees failure as “a good thing”.  But why not?  If you failed doesn’t that mean you at least tried?  People who are afraid of failure sometimes don’t even do that.  They never give it their all or do their best.  So if I fail, if I don’t reach my goal or achieve what I set out to do in the timeframe I give myself, I will consider that a success.  Why? Because you either win or you learn, but never lose.  Never consider “a failure” a setback or a loss, consider it a lesson. Learn from your mistakes, pick up the pieces and keep moving forward.  If everyone gave up after they failed we would have nothing in this world.  No computers, no phones, no cars with fancy gadgets in them.  So why should you give up?  Why should I?  No one is going to work harder for you than you! No one is going to help you achieve your dreams and goals except for you!

So as I laid in bed last night I went over everything I need to do to achieve my goals.  I made a list, planned out my steps and set my alarm.  So here I am at 5:30 a.m. working hard at achieving my goals. Setting out to do something I never dreamed I could do and I am making it happen.  ‘Cause you know what they say…….49afa447028e188e47a34ee98927281e

21 Day Fix Extreme

Monday, tomorrow, is the day when I start a new program….21 Day Fix Extreme!  I’m not going to lie, I am a little nervous but also really excited.  I’m mostly just excited for the results lol, but I am excited for a new workout challenge and eating plan.  Some of you may be wondering why I want to start a different program than Insanity Max 30, or PiYo, or any of the programs I have done in the past and here’s why….

I’m the type of person who always has to be doing something different than before. Once I complete a program, I’m on to the next and ready for a new challenge. If I complete something and am successful with it I know then that I can do it and there’s no longer a challenge for me.  So picking a new program brings a new challenge to the table and I feel more motivated than if I just do a second round of the same thing.11156405_429062643934415_227707548298479465_n

I have fallen off the working out/eating right wagon this past week or so and I feel horrible. I hate when i fall a little behind and I know doing this program is exactly what I need to jumpstart myself again!  It happens though…falling off the wagon, it happens to everyone!  Even the most successful, hard-working people fall off the wagon.  So if you find yourself slipping or falling of the wagon find something that you really enjoy doing, whether it’s exercising, or cooking just take that first step to getting back into it and just add one new thing every day.  So if you like walking start with going for a walk every day. It does’t need to be a long walk every day, just go for a walk and walk as long or as far as you want to and feel good about.  Then maybe the next day walk and drink more water than you did the day before.  After that add in another healthy food choice. Maybe substitute your white bread sandwich for a whole wheat tortilla wrap.  It’s those little choices that will make a big difference. And if you’re the type of person that can’t do all or nothing, this is the way to go.  I am someone who has to go all in and give up everything and workout hardcore all at once.  But that’s just me.

I’m excited for this new program and to share my day by day experience with you all, and of course my results!  I will not really be counting days, I plan to just do this program for as many days as I can with no breaks, cheats or slip ups.  I have a wedding I am going to in June so that will probably be my stopping point lol 😉

Ok here we go…who’s ready for this?!

3 Days Later…

As you may have seen on my Facebook Page, I started the 3 Day Refresh on Saturday, March 21 and ended Monday, March 23.  Why did I do this 3 Day Refresh you ask?

Well, let me tell you! I went on an amazing vacation to Florida 2 weeks ago where I let myself eat and drink whatever I wanted. I should, it was a vacation! If you can’t enjoy yourself on a vacation then there’s no hope for you ;). While on vacation I gained six pounds! That’s right SIX pounds! I am almost ashamed to even admit that because I just spent the previous two months working my butt off losing all of that weight. But I am happy to say that in just three short days I was able to lose all six of those pesky pounds! If you’re coming back from a vacation or a work trip, the 3 Day Refresh is the perfect way to get yourself back on track with eating right. Here is the breakdown of each day.
Day 1: I started my morning off with the healthiest meal of the day…Shakeology! I love Shakeology! It’s so delicious and so good for you, yum! I added one serving of fruit as allotted, cinnamon and some pure vanilla extract. This always fills me up and keeps me full so I wasn’t even hungry until lunchtime, at which time I had a veggie serving and a healthy fat serving and the vanilla refresh shake, also delicious! At this point I was pretty full and actually almost forgot to eat my snack, and was still almost too full to eat the entire snack, but somehow I managed to eat it all lol. I had my tea and then followed it with a dinner recipe, which was delicious!

Day 2: I still wasn’t really hungry or feeling deprived at all. I was also very busy this weekend so I didn’t have much time to even think about food, which I think helped me to stay on track and not be tempted by junk laying around the house. I still felt good after lunch and even did a little more intense workout than the day before. I made sure to stay on track with eating and drinking the shakes as it says to in the book and follow the time line for the day very closely. Everything is spaced out nicely, so just when you start to think about eating something it’s time for a shake or tea, or a snack.

Day 3: This was my last and final day. I thought that since I had made it through the first two rather easily that this one would for sure be a breeze to get through. I was wrong. It wasn’t awful by any means, but being at work where people go out and bring back food for lunch and are snacking or drinking things you can’t have obviously only makes you want it more! So all day I thought about everything my co-workers were eating and enjoying that I was not. I got home from work and wanted to pig out on everything in the house, but then reminded myself that I had made it this far and did really well. Not to mention at this point I had already lost five pounds! Did I really want to throw it all away? No not at all! I didn’t work this hard to let my cravings or food control me! So I made my last dinner recipe and shake and called it a night.

All in all I really did enjoy the 3 Day Refresh and the results I got from it! I worked hard for the past two months so I am glad there is something out there to help get me back to that place after a week of bad eating. Not to mention something that is healthy and doesn’t crash your body.

Sun. Sand. Sea.

Three of my most favorite things…sun, sand and sea.  There’s nothing I love more than being on a nice hot beach soaking up some rays!  In case you didn’t already know, I just got back from my vacation in Florida a week ago, and I miss it already.  I hate the cold weather, and by cold I mean anything requiring me to wear even a light jacket lol.

I went to sunny Florida with the boy and his parents.  It was actually part of our Christmas present, which was great!  I had such a blast the entire week with jet skiing, kayaking, and fan boat tours, there was always something to do.  Our first couple of days there we spent laying out on the beach working on our tan for family pictures at the end of the trip.  This is my favorite part because there is no time when your relaxing on the beach and the days just run together.  I honestly don’t think I could ever get sick of just laying on the beach.  There’s so much to see, whether it’s people watching (you know you do this too!) seeing dolphins jump out of the water, people buzzing by on boats or jet skis, or just watching the little birds run all over the sand trying to escape the crashing waves.  The sounds are also amazing! I love having a radio, or some kind of music playing in the background.  And then you have your typical ocean sounds, waves, birds, laughter, I just can’t get enough.

For our first adventure we decided to take a fan boat tour in the swamps and see some gators…….and gators we did see!  There was one part of the tour where we went into this little cove and saw a whole group baby gators.  I’m not going to lie, they were soooo cute!  Our guide was calling them so they would come closer for us to see, but it was no use they knew better ;).  I didn’t even know they made calls to each other, or let alone noises at all!!

Adam and I went kayaking one day and that was so much fun….exhausting, but fun!  At one point I was complaining about how tired I was and that my arms were killing me when no joke a dolphin came up for air no more than 4 feet away from our kayak!  I was like, “Never mind, I’m not tired I don’t want to go back!”  We paddled around for another 10-15 min and watched as the dolphin swam around us.

My second favorite part was when we went jet skiing.  I was really nervous the entire time I was on one and we were going really fast, but I did not want to fly off that jet ski having to wait for Adam to realize I had fallen off and then wait for him to come back and get me lol.  You don’t know what might be in the water!  And even though dolphins may seem cute and friendly I do not want to be in the water with them.  We did find a small family of dolphins and they even had a baby with them!  It was so cool to see them swim under you and come up for air only a couple of feet from your jet ski.  The baby dolphin would even splash his tail and play around….sooo cute!! I wish I could have taken pictures!

All in all it was a fantastic vacation and I felt so lucky and blessed to be giving that opportunity to go.   Check out some of the pictures from my vacation below!


The Results Are In……..

So as many of you know I have been doing the Insanity Max:30 workout program.  Well, this last Saturday was my last day and I have finally had some time to post my photos and final results.  I am beyond thrilled with my results and could not have accomplished this without the support from my fellow coaches, my friends and family and the support I received from all of you followers!  Thank you so much for following me on this wonderful journey, encouraging me and pushing me every day!!

And now….for the results….drumroll please……………….

Overall I have lost 9.6lbs. and 14.5 inches all over!  If you are wondering whether or not this program is for you, well if you are wanting insane results, in as little as 60 days, then I would say YES this program is for you!  If you want amazing results like this, get over to my Contact Me page and send me a message!  I am a Coach and I am here to help you get these same results!  You can do it, I am here to help!  Don’t let fear keep you from what you’ve always wanted!  Go out and get it!

photo 2 (1)photo 3 (1)photo 1 (2)