How do I know what fitness program is right for me?

I work with each person individually to see what types of workouts you currently enjoy, what your goals are and what fitness level you are currently at to ensure you get a program you not only find succes with, but also one that you enjoy!

Is Shakeology important to the success of my fitness journey?

Shakeology is not the end all be all of your fitness journey.  However it does provide your body with essential vitamins and nutrients that help your metabolism and overall helath to keep you energized and focused on your health and fitness.  Click here to learn more about the ingredients and importance of Shakeology.

What makes doing a Beachbody program different than other programs or going to the gym?

Doing a Beachbody program is like none other.  When you purchase a Challenge Pack from me (which is a fitness program and Shakeology) you will also be added to my online accountability group where I will provide you with recipes, meal plans, ways to stay organized and help challenge you and motivate you daily.

What do I do once I complete my program?

Once you complete your program with me as your personal Coach, you have several different options.  If you want to continue on your health and fitness journey and still receive the same level of accountability, your best option is to become a Coach.  However, if you don’t see this as your best option for you, I will add you to the online community group where you can still find support and motivation from multiple coaches.